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SharePoint Demo Server

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Human Resources Dashboard »

HR Metrics Demo

Human Resources Dashboard

This demo measures internal HR metrics, including salary trends, salary breakdowns, as well as employee satisfaction levels.

Technical Support Dashboard »

Tiwon Tech

Technical Support Dashboard

This dashboard shows workload and duration metrics for a technical support department. It features drill down data for different regions (UK, USA and Canada), and uses an AJAX enabled interactive toolbar for dynamically modifying the right hand chart, while allowing the user to zoom and scroll the bottom left chart.  

Education Metrics Dashboard »

Comenta College 

Education Metrics Dashboard

Using fully animated Flash rendered Charts, this demo uses two instances of Dundas Chart for SharePoint (one that uses 3 doughnut charts) to visualize KPI metrics for an educational institution. For added visual emphasis, Enrollment and Graduation data is shown while making use of annotation objects.

Customer Service Dashboard »


Oeam Communications

Customer Service Dashboard

This AJAX enabled demo uses six different instances of Dundas Chart for SharePoint to demonstrate Customer Service metrics for a call center organization. It makes use of Zooming and Scrolling (bottom right chart) as well as annotation objects and more.

Franchising Dashboard »

Global Landtailers

Franchising Assessment Dashboard 

This dashboard visualizes data from a franchising company, including startup costs, ownership ratios, and their profit margin.  The bottom chart makes use of AJAX enabled zooming and scrolling to allow better interpretation of monthly profits.

Manufacturing Dashboard »

Levron Manufacturing

Plant Production Dashboard

This dashboard covers manufacturing production data over a range of selectable months in the current year, updating the gauge and chart elements appropriately.

Networking Dashboard »

AunoVox Networking

Real-time Network Monitoring

This dashboard shows real-time and historical network communication data. It makes use of sub-gauges and chart strip lines to articulate the metrics.